Online Video Consultant

Brand and Influencer Advisor


+9 years of experience working in online video and social media having specialist on developing online video strategies, channel and brand development for brands, companies and influencers/webstars as well as fundamental experience in talent spotting and scouting

"Do it with passion or not at all."

Having worked for companies like Etsy, Aldo and YouTube as well as YouTube stars. During the past years, Nicole (Renard) is a specialist in the online video field with over 8 years of professional know-how. She is experienced in working with influencers coming from different industries such as Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel and Food. During the past years she worked with - and developed content strategies for YouTube stars, bloggers and brands.

She is a passionate Social Media and Digital Content Specialist with a special focus on online video marketing and community management with the following objectives:
- Drive the online media content growth
- Grow customer and user loyalty
- Building strong community relationships
- drive engagement and develop a consistent online video experience throughout all social media platforms



Examples of YouTube artists I worked in the past 5 years together. I specialise on building up brands and advising individuals on how to grow their personal brands on online video platforms and social media. I work as an alternative or add on to the classic Multi Channel Networks and help artists in all stages of their careers. New comers as well as well established Influencers.
Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger
„Nicole really helped me grow/develop my Youtube Channel. She didn’t only give me very detailed technical insights but also specifically helped me develop individual formats for my channel.“
Christine Neder
Travel Blogger
Bei Nicole fühle ich mich in den richtigen Händen und schon das erste Video, das ich mit ihrer Hilfe hochgeladen habe, hatte im Durchschnitt doppelt so viele Views und eine extrem Hohe Zuschauerbindung.
Masha Sedgwick
Fashion Blogger
Mit Nicole zusammenzuarbeiten fühlt sich nicht nach Arbeit an, sondern eher als würde eine gute Freundin einem unter die Arme greifen, denn mit ihr ist es unkompliziert, effizient und macht dabei auch noch Spass! Ich könnte nicht zufriedener mit der Zusammenarbeit sein!
Michael Buchinger
Working with Nicole was always a sheer delight. Her valuable advice and recommended techniques have helped me in establishing a more professional presence on YouTube and other social media platforms. To this day, some of my most successful video formats are the ones that Nicole and I developed together.

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